Charities and Causes

Most of Pat’s charitable efforts went to those who had few resources.  And rather than sending a check or giving out money, she took a “hands on” approach.  It wasn’t uncommon, for example, for Pat to take a single mother and her children shopping to buy shoes for the family.

In that same tradition, Sweet Pat’s is most likely to make cakes for causes that directly impact those in need.  Examples include:

  • Silent auction to raise money for individuals or families in financial need due to a medical crisis, disaster, etc.
  • Bake sale to benefit a homeless shelter or a safe house for abused women/children
  • Church bazaar in which funds are directly used for humanitarian causes in the community, such as meals or outreach programs for senior citizens

In general, Sweet Pat’s does not make cakes for organizations that are seeking funds for a luxury of life (such as school trips), nor for causes that do not provide direct assistance to people in need.  Delivery is limited to Hagerstown, MD and some surrounding areas (including Greencastle, Chambersburg and occasionally parts of WV).

No compensation is expected or accepted for Sweet Pat’s cakes if cakes are to be sold for a charitable cause.  Materials and time are all 100% donated by Sweet Pat’s.

If you’d like Sweet Pat’s to consider making a cake for your cause, please contact me.

Please note: Sweet Pat’s cakes are not made in a commercial kitchen by a licensed bakery.  They are baked and decorated in a private home kitchen.  It is your responsibility that “home baked” cakes are acceptable at the venue where the cake is to be sold (e.g. bake sale).