Sweet Pat’s Story

My mother, Pat, was known for her Christian generosity and kind heart.  She dedicated much of her time, energy and resources to those less fortunate.  Aside from her volunteer work with church and other organizations, she frequently “adopted” families and children who had fallen on hard times.  Often she’d help them obtain some of the basic necessities of life (as well as a few of the luxuries).  My mother possessed a particularly strong desire to help those in dire financial need, as well as abused or neglected children.  She was always involved in numerous charitable projects at any given time.  I have never known anyone who was more caring and compassionate toward other humans.

In April 2008, this wonderful woman died of pancreatic cancer.  My grief was profound, and I sought ways to keep the presence of my mother in my life.  She had loved preparing special foods for family and friends–for her, food equaled love–and I had many fond memories of baking cakes with my mother during my childhood.

To honor my mother’s memory and her example of Christian charitable giving, I created Sweet Pat’s Cakes for a Cause.  All cakes made by Sweet Pat’s are donated to organizations and charitable causes that directly assist those in need.  Sometimes the organization may sell the cake at a bake sale or silent auction, other times the charity raffles the cake to raise funds for its cause.

It is my desire that the giving actions of my mother will continue to help the community through my sweet cakes.  For more information about causes that can benefit from Sweet Pat’s cakes, visit the Charities and Causes page.

God’s Peace and Blessings,

Pat’s Daughter